Music KS3


KS3 overview.

The Music Department offers pupils the chance to explore different aspects of music making. Performance, (both individual and group), composition and development of listening and analysis are linked to personal learning and thinking skills. Examples of Units of Learning covered are:

  • Elements of music
  • Score reading
  • Musical notation
  • Exploring music from Vienna
  • Blues and Variations

Details of any relevant websites and revision guides to support the qualification.

There are many websites that are available with tutorials which include Youtube and BBC Bitesize which can be accessed both at home and school. The music writing programme ‘MuseScore’ can be downloaded free of charge for compositional tasks. This is the same software as used in school. Revision guides and workbooks from CCP can be purchased from the department.


Information about extra-curricular sessions and extended learning opportunities available to my child.

Extra-curricular activities available include instrumental lessons in keyboards, strings, woodwind, guitar and brass.There is a charge for these lessons. The school also has a choir and a brass ensemble. Singing lessons are provided after school and lunchtime clubs for keyboards.

Does my child need any specialist equipment for this subject?

The school (DPA) will provide instruments free of charge for instrumental lessons with the exception of guitars and keyboards.

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