Literacy and Reading

Library - Librarian Mrs Julie Dibbins

Opening hours for students to borrow and return books 11:00-11:15

The library is open throughout the day for students and teachers to access both individually and as groups.

The library has a large selection of books and students are encouraged to borrow books that interest them, as well as books that will enable them to acquire factual information.

All year 7 are taught how to use the library and borrow a book which they return and exchange for another once completed. They have dedicated curriculum time both in English and across other subjects for reading. It is important that they bring their school library book to school every day so that they develop a love of reading that will evolve into a “lifelong” skill.   We ask parents to encourage reading at home as this will develop literacy skills further.

Reading research emphasises the importance of reading for pleasure for both educational as well as personal development.
Extensive reading and exposure to a broad range of texts contributes widely to each student’s educational achievement.
The library provides a welcoming, inclusive learning environment that supports teaching and learning within The Coseley School. It supports the development of independent learning skills and encourages an enjoyment of reading for pleasure through the provision of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.
We subscribe to the statement by Ofsted that “All schools should develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment throughout the school.”

The theory behind frequent reading is that if students read more and enjoy it more, they will become more able readers. As they read each day, they encounter new words, usage, sentence structures, and ideas. Each day adds to their total experience and makes the next text more accessible. With increased practice, reading becomes easier and—this is important—more enjoyable. Students share their reading experiences with their classmates and teacher. They discuss their books, trade recommendations, and see fellow students and at least one adult engaged in the reading process.

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