Homework is an important part of the learning process and all students are expected to complete homework to support and improve their progress in each subject. Tasks set are designed to consolidate, extend and enrich student knowledge and understanding and to help students develop the skills they will need for lifelong learning. These skills include the ability to work independently, being able to organise their work and meet deadlines.

Subjects will set appropriate homework; the frequency of which will be governed by the requirements of the curriculum.

Assessment and Feedback

Homework will be assessed in a number of different ways:

Marked by the teacher with strengths and targets for development identified.

Marked by a peer or by the student in the class to develop understanding of assessment and mark schemes so that students understand better how to improve their performance.

Some homework, if it is an online homework may be marked electronically at the time of completion.

Failure to complete homework

Pupils who fail to complete their homework will be challenged by their teacher and expected to catch up with any homework missed. Where problems persist parents will be informed by text.

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