History KS4

KS4 Overview

Below shows a breakdown of the GCSE Edexcel Specification B that year 10 and 11 students are currently studying:

Unit 1: Medicine through Time (25% written exam paper & 25% skills exam paper focusing on surgery)
Unit 2: Weimar and Nazi Germany (25% written exam paper)
Unit 3: Transformation of British Society 1951-79 (25% Controlled Assessment on the theme of the 1950-70s)

Pupils study Unit 1: Medicine through Time, which forms an investigation of key theories for the cause of disease, treatments and the significance of key Individuals such as Louis Pasteur.

Unit 2, to be studied in year 11, is Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1945 whereby pupils study the defeated Germany during a post-war period of recovery. Pupils will then investigate how Hitler came to power and the impact of the Nazi Regime and the Holocaust.

Unit 3 examines the Transformation of British Society 1951-79 which forms our controlled assessment enquiry. Pupils utilise key historical skills of analysis, evaluation and interpretation developed in previous units. Pupils explore the changing face of Britain whereby a so called ‘Cultural Revolution’ exploded, transporting Britain from the austerity of slum housing and rationing to social freedoms experienced in the “Swinging 60’s.”

Details of any relevant websites and revision guides to support the qualification.

BBC Bitesize History

AQA Modern World Spec B

How will the KS4 qualification prepare my child for life in modern Britain?

This GCSE Course will provide pupils with the opportunity to develop a range of essential academic skills which will provide the foundations for further studies at Post-16 and Higher Education. These key skills will also be relevant for many professions. It will also provide pupils with a deep understanding of European American and British History which has played a highly significant role in shaping modern British Society, Politics and Culture.

Information about extra-curricular sessions and extended learning opportunities available to my child.

Home work is provided on a weekly basis to enhance and consolidate what is learnt in lessons.  Intervention and support sessions are available weekly.  Extra Reading materials and revision guides are provided.

What Post-16 opportunities or potential pathways could this qualification unlock for my child?

This GCSE qualification could lead to any academic subject which requires the core skills of effective written communication, evaluation and analysis, such as A-level History, A-level English, A-level Law.  Potential jobs can be found in journalism, media, law, economics, public relations, the Health Service or as a teacher.

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