History KS3

KS3 Overview

Key Stage 3 pupils are currently studying a 2 year course beginning in Year 7 with historical skills- which lay the foundations for all our budding Historians! In addition, pupils study life in Roman Britain, Medieval Lives and the turbulent lives of the Tudor Monarchy…

As pupils progress into Year 8 they begin studying Britain’s claim to fame and the reason why we are known as the “Black Country”: The Industrial Revolution and how Britain built the most powerful Empire the World has ever seen. Pupils empathise with the victims of the Slave Trade and examine the horrors of the First and Second World Wars.

Year 9

Our current school of achievement are studying for the GCSE qualification: EDEXCEL History B

In Year 9 pupils have commenced a study of the new OCR History B specification to be launched in September 2016. The early study of this GCSE course provides pupils with an extra year of study and revision in order to prepare pupils with the skills and confidence for the 100% exam based structure.

Pupils are currently studying the changing nature of Public Health and the importance of the Norman Conquest- as the last successful invasion of English soil! Pupils will go on to study a chosen historical site and it’s eventful past- which is yet to be confirmed…

Details of any relevant websites and revision guides to support the qualification.

BBC Bitesize History

How will the KS3 curriculum prepare my child for life in modern Britain?

Pupils gain knowledge and understanding of key events in British History and through this the pupils will have an understanding as to how the past has shaped modern Britain and the society we live in today. They will also develop key life skills of analysis and evaluation.

Information about extra-curricular sessions and extended learning opportunities available to my child.

Home work is provided on a weekly basis to enhance and consolidate what is learnt in lessons.  Intervention and support sessions are available weekly.  Extra Reading materials and revision guides are provided.

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