GCSE Leisure and Tourism

GCSE Leisure and Tourism

KS4 overview.

GCSE Leisure & Tourism is made up of 60% coursework and 40% final exam.  The exam based unit (B181) provides pupils with an introduction to the leisure & tourism industry and examines different types of organisations, employment opportunities, business functions, health & safety and national and international holiday destinations.

The coursework (unit B182) is based on Drayton Manor Park and is divided into five separate tasks.  The pupils will investigate the facilities, the current customers and the experience and the products and services that it provides to meet their customers’ needs.  The pupils will analyse Drayton Manor Park so that they can make suggestions about possible future developments and then produce a piece of promotional material to support this.

Details of any relevant websites and revision guides to support the qualification.

Leisure & Tourism textbooks are available in School.

OCR exam board will provide details of specification – www.ocr.org.uk

Drayton Manor website is vital for the coursework element.

How will the KS4 qualification prepare my child for life in modern Britain?

The leisure and tourism industries provide a variety of opportunities for pupils to engage in recreational, entertainment, social and business activities.  The industries also provide employment opportunities covering a wide range of career options including working in travel, tourism, leisure, entertainment and accommodation.

Information about extra-curricular sessions and extended learning opportunities available to my child.

Lunchtime and after school support will be provided as appropriate.  This will coincide predominantly with coursework and exam periods.

What Post-16 opportunities or potential pathways could this qualification unlock for my child?

There are opportunities to study Travel & Tourism at Post-16 establishments.  This course will offer insight into a number of jobs with the industry – travel agents, children’s holiday reps, airline attendants, jobs within cinemas, theatre, sports centers etc.  It will examine skills, qualities and qualifications needed to progress in the leisure and tourism industry.

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