House / Pastoral Structure

House Assemblies Half Term 3

The Coseley School have introduced a new House System for September 2015. There are four Houses; Fiennes, Hawking, Holmes and Rowling. The school want to provide a bigger community feeling, where pupils from all year groups socialise and build their individual character with the help of everybody.

Each house will embed the Coseley Virtues of; Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Resilience and Responsibility. These virtues will be taught through Character Education across the Curriculum.

Our Heads of House and Pastoral Managers, along with the Form Tutor, play an important role in the monitoring of academic progress and the overseeing of each individual student’s development across the curriculum, as well as the maintenance of good standards of behaviour, counselling and the resolution of personal difficulties.

Each pupil at the school is allocated a House and are part of a Form group within that House. Pupils in Years 7 & 8, sit within our ‘School of Progression’. Form groups are created with a mixture of pupils from both Year 7 and 8 only. This supports the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, with smaller form groups and opportunities for new pupils to have their own ‘Buddy’, within a Year 8 pupil.

Pupils in Years 9, 10 & 11, sit within our ‘School of Achievement’. Form groups are created with a mixture of pupils vertically from all 3 year groups. The focus for this being the progression and achievement of all pupils throughout their GCSE subjects. The opportunity for student leadership will be of high importance, with the introduction of House and Deputy House Captains to support Staff around the school.

House system staffing is as follows;

Miss K Jones – Assistant Head Ethos & Values

Mr S Reeds – Head of Fiennes House

Mr N Jeffs – Head of Hawking House

Mr P Nicholls – Head of Holmes House

Mr A Evans – Head of Rowling House


Mrs S Pearson – Pastoral Manager Years 6 & 7 (Primary Transition)

Mrs T L Hall – Pastoral Manager Years 8 & 9

Mrs A Wade – Pastoral Manager Years 10 & 11

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