Pupils have the opportunity to continue with French or German in KS4. Also, all native or near native speakers will have the opportunity to be entered for a GCSE in their mother tongue.
Over the course of two years pupils will cover a range of vocabulary and structures in the following contexts:

  • Lifestyle and Social Issues
  • Leisure and Holidays
  • Home and Environment
  • Work and Education

Students are expected to learn the new structures on a weekly basis in order to improve their level and reach their full potential.
Learning a new language requires a steady input of work and cannot be “revised” the night before. Students will be expected to do extra practice in their own time in order to achieve the fluency and the accuracy which is required. Our team of language specialists will be more than happy to help and guide students as to what their next steps should be.

The Exam:

All four skills will be evaluated over the two years. The Reading and Listening Paper are to be completed at the end of year 11 during the exam period, the Speaking and Writing will be completed as Controlled Assessments in year 10 and 11.
Most instructions and questions in all papers will be in English.

  • In the Reading and Listening, most tasks are of the multiple-choice, matching and sequencing type. There are only a few questions in the target language, mainly at Higher level. (40%)

Pupils will be entered at either Foundation or Higher Level in each separate skill area.

The level at which pupils are entered is based on progress during the course.

  • In the Speaking, pupils will be assessed using two of the following tasks: a short presentation followed by questions (5 to 7 minutes altogether) and a conversation (4 to 5 minutes) (30%)
  • In the Writing, pupils will need to complete two pieces of controlled assessment. The tasks cover a variety of topic areas. (30%)

Pupils are assessed by Controlled Assessment throughout the course. Tasks in Speaking and Writing are not split into Foundation and Higher level. Information about Controlled Assessment and assessment deadlines will vary for each language. Controlled Assessments are conducted by the class teacher in exam conditions. Controlled Assessments in Writing have to be completed in a one hour lesson.

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