Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

KS3 overview.

On entering Year 7 pupils choose either French or German, which they study until the end of Year 9. Throughout each unit of work pupils will be given the opportunity to develop and enhance their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills within a variety of topic areas.

Throughout Year 7 to 9 pupils will study a variety of topics, beginning in Year 7 with personal identity, school, family and animals and hobbies. In addition to this, they will also focus on important grammatical structures and rules enabling them to work independently. In Year 8 they move on to house and home, town and directions, holidays and food as well as again focusing on important grammatical study. In Year 9 they complete topic area work by learning about shopping, parts of the body, illnesses and clothes. In the last term of Year 9 they begin work on the Edexcel GCSE French or German course.

Details of any relevant websites and revision guides to support the qualification.

For the two websites above pupils need to obtain the current username and password from their MFL teacher.

How will the KS3 curriculum prepare my child for life in modern Britain?

As well as preparing pupils for life in modern Britain, MFL in the Coseley School prepares pupils to be citizens of modern Europe, enabling them to communicate in a foreign language and understand the customs and traditions of German and French-speaking countries. Translation and grammar work helps pupils to communicate more effectively in their mother tongue.

Information about extra-curricular sessions and extended learning opportunities available to my child.

Additional support is available for pupils completing speaking and writing assessments every lunchtime in the MFL area.

Does my child need any specialist equipment for this subject?

It is beneficial for pupils to have access to a bilingual dictionary at home.

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