Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs D Stonehouse – Head of Communications Faculty

Guten Tag – Bonjour – Hola

Our multi-talented team offers French and German in a series of Language Classrooms.
We are a friendly and supportive team who wants the language learning experience to be a positive one for all students, whatever their ability and we are working hard to pass on our love of languages and the benefits of learning about other cultures and communicating with speakers of other languages.
We believe that learning a language is an important skill that all children should have and in this ever-shrinking world, a skill that is becoming essential in the workplace. Like learning a musical instrument, learning a language is an enriching experience that continues well after school.

Excellent reasons to continue learning languages

  1. Someone with a GCSE in a language has increased chances of employability.
  2. Someone with a language qualification has 8% more earning power increasing to 20% for a bi-lingual secretary.
  3. Globalisation means that young people can expect to be managed by foreign businesses, work abroad or come into contact with foreigners as a part of their work.
  4. Young people are equipped with the skills for learning any language at school. Learning a second or even third language then becomes easier.
  5. Learning a language is a skill rather like playing an instrument. It takes years of practice to get good at it and requires a lot of ‘stickability’ but for those who do stick with it will bring an added dimension to your life.
  6. Understanding another culture is an enriching and valuable experience.
  7. The skills you will learn in your MFL lessons can help you with other subjects. We will teach you how to listen and read for both gist and detail, how to construct an essay, to express opinions and how to learn things off by heart.
  8. English is not enough! Only 6% of the world’s population speak English. 94% don’t!
  9. 60% of all UK trade is with non-English speaking countries.
  10. It has been proven that sales increase by 50% when customers are addressed in their mother tongue, even if it is just common courtesies.

MFL at Coseley

All pupils choose French or German on entering in year 7 and continue to study their chosen language to the end of KS3. They then have the opportunity to continue with their language studies and take French or German as a GCSE.

How to encourage your son/daughter

The school has access to a very useful website calledlinguascope’. This contains useful vocabulary and fun games with which to practise it. Ask your language teacher for the username and password to access this brilliant site.


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