Mini Saga Competition

The mini saga competition is run annually by Young Writers, an organisation devoted to increasing writing opportunities for young people. Pupils are invited to write a (very) short story containing only 50 words on a subject of their choice. This year, almost every pupil in key stage 3 entered the competition after being given time in their English lessons to plan and create their stories. There were some excellent entries; a fact which is reflected in the number of entries which are to be published in the book “Mini Marvels: Tales from the West Midlands.”

A fantastic 272 pupils from Coseley were selected. Copies of the book will be found in the school library and also in the British Library in London.

As well as the national competition, pupils were competing to win the school prize of an iPod. The winning entry was by Michael Webb, with Kirsty Chester and Lauren Homer coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

1st Place – Michael Webb

James sprinted, ducking and weaving between trees, panting and constantly glancing over his shoulder. He could hear the stealthy footsteps getting closer and closer, he could now hear the hunter breathing aggressively behind him. He could sense the strong, powerful hand getting close to his pale skin, then suddenly “Tag!”

2nd Place – Kirsty Chester

It was sunrise, I saw the shadows lurking the streets in search of the unknown, tiptoeing around, scurrying up and down the paths and across the gardens. Tearing in to stenching, reeking bags of trash, stopping at every house, picking up everything they find. This is the life of the dustbin man.

3rd Place – Lauren Homer

My fingers caressed the soft sand. My hair swept across my face. This was heaven. Something magical far from earth. Then from the middle of the ocean…she appeared. My heart skipped a beat. A tear rolled down my face. If only dreams were real. If only she were here.

Some of the published entries:

Adam Barnett

Megan Nicholls

Sanjeet Dhaliwal

Amy Babb

Mandeep Malhi

Aimee White

Kirsty Powell

Amy Hill

Callum Moore-Jones

Lucy Ebery

Brady Thomas Round

Josh Skyrme

Oliver Nightingale

Harry Bull

Casey Morgan

Lewis Fox

Danielle Jones

Ryan Earnshaw

Laura Morris

Sophie Hill

Jenna Holden

Jessica Walker

Ella Tweedale

Katie Jordan

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