Preparing for Life in Modern Britain

FlagPreparing Pupils for the Wider World

To support and enhance the experiences and opportunities provided through the statutory curriculum and the school’s enrichment activities, The Coseley School engages pupils in a Personal, Social and Health Education programme in readiness for life in modern day Britain.

Through a range of topics and activities, tailored to local circumstances as well as national and international events and supported by a programme of assemblies and guest speakers, we will encourage tolerant attitudes towards different faiths and cultures.  It is our aim to instil democratic values and prevent the emotional dislocation that can so easily occur in today’s society.

Our aim at The Coseley School, is to provide a good, safe and well-rounded education, by providing relevant opportunities for ‘real life’ learning that will produce confident, socially and morally responsible citizens, with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to manage their lives now and in the future.

All Year 11 pupils are encouraged to visit all the local colleges on their Open Days to gain valuable knowledge about the courses they offer. Each post 16 provider is invited into school to complete presentations for all Year 11 pupils, during designated assembly time slots for careers each week.

Taster sessions will be organised with as many post 16 providers as possible, so that Year 11 pupils can go and experience college and sixth form life during working days. There will be as little impact on curriculum learning as possible for these visits to take place.

Form tutors will regularly talk to their pupils about what they will be doing post 16 and actively encourage pupils to think about their long term aspirations. Designated time during Tutor periods will allow Year 11 pupils to access websites for careers advice and also complete online college applications.

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