Description:  Learn how to use Flash to create 2D Animations.

Difficulty Level – Intermediate


Tutorial – Flash Animation Made Easy

Bonus Mission:

Your mission is to create an animation that lasts about 10 seconds.

It should be someone or something running away from something larger, like a dinosaur chasing a man, a wolf chasing a chicken, a giant spider chasing a donkey… Its up to you!  It doesnt matter if you cant draw, basic figures will do!

1. You must have a colour background layer—sky , hills, mountains…something like that.

2. You must have 2 different characters on 2 different layers.

3. You must have used motion tweening to move the characters.

4. Both characters must have a looping run cycle.

Use the knowledge you have gained from the video tutorial—half way through the video it shows you how to create a looping animation using a bird, and later, how to create a looping animation of a dinosaur running.  Use these skills to create your animation.

SIDE MISSION – Try to incorporate these ideas:

1. Make the background scroll from right to left (convert your background into a motion tween and scale it to be larger than the screen to do this)

2. Add obstacles on a separate layer (e.g. Rocks, holes in the ground, spikes) and get your character to jump over it!




Description: Learn how to use Blender to create 3D Animations

Difficulty Level – Advanced


Tutorial 1 – Blender Basics and Animating a Monkey

Tutorial 2 – Do you wanna build a snowman?

Tutorial 3 – Reflective Glass Bottles

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