Film Screening Monday 14th March

On Monday 14th March we are pleased to present a special one-off screening of two excellent films from the Coseley Movie Makers Club between 3.10-4.30 in the Drama Hall.

Admission is free to staff and students, however there will be a box to donate to director Elliott Cox’s chosen charity, Water Aid, if any wish to donate.  These films will also have a premiere screening at the Lighthouse Cinema on 7th March, all proceeds will also go to Water Aid.

3.10-3.30pm  Jonny the Clown

A hilarious horror comedy featuring Kyle Leach, Luke Sefton, George Stevens and Karan Mander.  The story of a young man (Luke) who is terrorised by a crazed clown serial killer (George), the only man who can help him is Rusev (Kyle), a special forces bomb disposal expert from Russia.


Main Feature 3.30-4.30 “Save our Souls (S.O.S)”

S.O.S is a terrifying found footage horror film that has taken Year 11 student Elliott Cox, 18 months to complete..  Two friends Sam (Rhea Robertson) and Hayley (Verity Blanchard) discover a terrible secret while filming a documentary project in their school.


SOS poster screenings a4 (Medium)

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