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Letter to Parents – 15th January 2016
Letter to Parents – 13th January 2016
Letter to Parents 11th January 2016.
Letter to Parents – LA Announcement – 8th January 2016

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Welcome to The Coseley School

My commitment is to ensure every child is provided with a range of learning opportunities which allows them to gain new skills, to find new talents and further develop their interests and abilities.

The Coseley School has a reputation for being a very caring and supportive environment for pupils to learn in.  The school is proud of its high standards of discipline, behaviour and uniform and is an example of what true teamwork can achieve through combining the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff with the motivation and commitment of our pupils.

Staff and pupils are encouraged to strive for excellence in whatever task they undertake, a message reinforced frequently and being applied to all activities no matter how small.

The school believes in ‘stretching’ students in every activity they undertake in order that they achieve all of which they are capable.  Staff care about our youngsters and always take the time to listen to their views. We help pupils to develop self-discipline, self-worth, independent thought, motivation and confidence in a safe learning environment that ensures every child fulfils his or her potential, this is encouraged by success, and demonstrated though a variety of rewards and praise.

We have high aspirations and expectations evidenced in our motto ‘believe – achieve – excel’. Coseley School has an ethos of good order, study and purposeful activity.  Therefore there is an emphasis on pupils aspiring to meet high standards in learning and behaviour, taking on responsibility and leadership within school and becoming independent learners in order to be successful not only in school but also in preparation for adult life.

As a Co-operative Trust School we pride ourselves on embedding the co-operative values of self help, self responsibility,democracy, equality, equity and solidarity in everything we do.  Our students are encouraged to demonstrate co-operative beliefs of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others in their day to day work. With these values and beliefs at the heart of what we do we create a vibrant learning community.

Ms K Westhead-Jones






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